Welcome to Jovana Farms. Mushrooms, Piggery, Fishery, Poultry, Goat, Snail, Plantain & Grasscutter farming is an opportunity to earn more money and become your own master.

Prince Arinze holding grasscutterPrince Arinze holding a grasscutter

Bunch of Banana



The grasscutter family in a cage

Grasscutter breeding family at Jovana farm

Improved species of rabbit at Jovana Farm


Antelope breeder at Jovana Farm

Kalahari Male Goat

Many catfish in a farmf Fast-growing species of cat fish

Bunch of Plantain



MISSION: To create job and food security through sustainable animal farming that will take Nigerians out of poverty; pulling them towards total independence. The only way to fight poverty in Nigeria is by helping the poor and unemployed become productive and useful to the society.

IDEAS: To lead the fight against hunger, unemployment and poverty by creating awareness and encouraging people to start, grow and develop small businesses such as Fish, Rabbit, Snail, Antelope and Grasscutter farming. We conduct practical seminars nationwide. Click here for addresses of our nationwide seminars nearest to you.

Customers prefer grasscutter meat


We embarked on Nationwide Sensitisation Agro Seminars because we observed that most potential farmers who have interest in animal farming are usually inhibited by distance from attending our training programs in our Lagos, Owerri and Enugu farms. The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity to the door-steps of every Nigerian as a sure and potent means of conquering poverty and solving the rising unemployment problem in the country.


                         SEMINAR FEE: N10,000


Date: 01-10-15 Time:10:30am, Moye Hotels, 117, Sagamu Rd.


Date: 05-09-15 Time:10am, Jovana Farms, 127, Isolo Rd.


Date: 15-08-15 Time:10am, Fidmed Hotels, 67, Ibusa Rd.


Date: 17-08-15 Time:10am, Pats Annex Hotel, 21, Mbaise Rd.


Date: 19-08-15 Time:10am, Bowman Hotels, 20, Archibong Esoh Str., Off MCC Rd.


Date: 20-08-15 Time:10am, Samlaw Hotel, 5, Ebet Aya Str., Off IBB Avenue.



Date: 24-08-15 Time:10am, Bluewaters Hotels, Nigercat Rd. by Tanker Park, Ekpan Effurun


Date: 16-11-15
Time: 10am, Liberty Hotel, 19, Zik Avenue.


Date: 14-11-15 Time:10am, Hotel Philomena, 19, Okhoro Rd, Off New Lagos Rd.


Date: 19-11-15
Time: 11:00am
Library Board of Kaduna State, Bida Rd.


Date: 04-07-15
Time: 10am, Capital City Hotel, 50 Oba Akran Avenue, Opp. GTB and UBA


Date: 22-08-15 Time:10am, Base Hotel, 33 NTA / Choba Rd., By Redeemed Church, Rumuokwuta.



Date: 17-11-15
Time: 10am  
94, Park Avenue, GRA.


Date: 23-11-15
Time: 9am Hotel De Bayswater, Felele Layout by Challenge B/stop.


Date: 21-11-15
Time: 10am, Omega Hotels, Plot 1981 Lome Str., Wuse Zone 7.


Date: 25-08-15
Time: 11am, Metro Hotel, by Old National Bank, Oyemekun Rd.,


Date: 18-08-15
Time: 10am Seabia Hotels, 55 Aba Rd.


Date: 12-09-15
Time: 11am, Ariya Hotels, 45, Tinubu Str., Ita-Eko, Ibara



A lot of Nigerians heading for the urban areas in search of scarce white-collar jobs would make money if they join the little league of Nigerians investing in Grasscutter and Snail farming in their villages.

As unemployment increases with more jobs being threatened, people keep seeking for things to do beside their jobs that will help support the family yet would not take much of their time. And since 70% of Nigerians live below one dollar / day, to improve standard of living it only makes sense to diversify time, resources and energy into other productive areas, and Grasscutter, Snail and Fish Production, because of its advantages has proven to be one of such areas.

The world Bank makes it clear that the foundation for development and for breaking the backbone of poverty is self employment and entrepreneurship. The greatest need of the poor is food and shelter. No government can create enough jobs for its citizens. Government creates the enabling environment, while the people create the jobs themselves. It is Agriculture that creates the highest number of employment in the society.

Over ten million jobs can be created in Fish, Snail and Grasscutter industry alone. Sadly, Nigerians preference and mad rush for oil money has led to the utter neglect of this lucrative agricultural enterprise.

Personally, I found out that our academic curricular is not structured to make us business conscious, that is why people do not understand the concept of private enterprise. After school, picking up a business idea becomes very difficult; this is the reason why many people are unemployed. While in school, they believe that the job is waiting for them. It is no more like that today.  The reality is that, you have to create job for yourself and others.

You Cannot Get Rich and Wealthy Working for Other People-it is Never Too Early for you to start your own animal production. NIGERIANS WAKE UP!

We need to produce students / citizens who are not looking for jobs, but who would create jobs. Our educational system produces followers. Most people learn to become employees not business owners. Our schools teach students to get jobs and work for some one else. What kind of ambition is that? The ambition to become a well paid slave for life. Our students learn to be good employees. Even parents tell their children “get a good education so that you can get a good job”. Most parents encourage this, without realizing that they are handicapping their children’s potentials. Why couldn’t they say, “get a good education so that you can own a business or become an employer”? Teach a man how to fish and he would be able to catch fish than depending on charity or tokenism in the guise of poverty alleviation.

Nigeria’s economic recovery programmes have necessitated a radical shift from total dependence on government for job to self-employment.

A lot has already been said on how to curb unemployment. Many theories have been propounded. Position papers written and presented. Even government have failed on their promises for jobs. We are not short of Orators, but none has actually shown what could be done.

At JOVANA FARMS, our idea is about what to do. Ours is not theoretical but straight to the point and practical. Come over to Jovana Farms today and learn how to earn extra money to augment your income from your backyard.



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